Steel tube for the construction of your PROMO chassis -30%

1,89 € TTC
#2584-3, 2576-3

Steel tube for the construction of your chassis

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Technical description

Promotion: -30% PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING! THE PRICE INDICATED IS THE PRICE PER METER! You must order the quantity corresponding to the total of the desired length !! (Example: I need 2 bars of 3 meters of 40x2. I therefore choose 40x2 in the drop-down menu, cut my tubes into 3 meters, and quantity 6 (2 bars of 3 meters). In case of doubt contact us by email

For deliveries in bars of 4 to 6m please consult us on 0251120278/ (chartering of a specific semi-trailer, therefore to be used only on large orders. please consult us for transport costs) given the weight and volume of these products, it is possible, depending on the availability of the carrier, that the transport is carried out with a few additional days. Price per linear meter, so be careful when entering your order! Example Quantity 1 = 1 m of tube, 4 bars of 3m each = quantity 12.

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