Barre de plastique PEHD Ø20 "au mètre"
6,30  TTC From
HDPE Ø20 plastic bar. Plastic bar ideal to make 26 your autocross or sprint car wheel mudflap fastenermountings. Easy to bend with heat gun, perfect...
Bavette garde boue thermoformée arrière
31,50  TTC From
PLANET KART CROSS build wheels fenders in PE thermo built, especially for crosskarts tires sizes. Very beautiful manufacturing and this product stay...
Bavette garde boue thermoformée avant
26,25  TTC From
wheels fenders in PE thermo- FRONT..
Jeu de 4 ou 2 supports de bavette
24,15  TTC From
PEHD water cutted brackets for our new wheel fenders. Sold by 2 or by 4..
Nid d'abeille
128,63  TTC
Honeycomb Fabric covered polypro honeycomb. It must be covered by fiberglass, carbon, kevlar layering above/below before mounting. Used for mandatory...
Plaque de plastique PEHD
6,83  TTC From
HDPE plastic plates..
Support PEHD équerre x1
10,40  TTC From
PEHD water cutted brackets for fenders. Much more stronger than PEHD Ø20. Size 20x20 cm..
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