Harnais 6 points spécial HANS
172,10  TTC From
6-point harness Special Hans FIA Specially designed for the Hans system, with strap 2“for the passage of the Hans. Much more comfort..
Housse étanche baquet
17,22  TTC
waterproof seat cover..
Mousse universelle pour baquet
68,15  TTC From
available the 03/04/2023
Bucket foam Universal NO LIMIT Very resistant and unobtrusive universal foam made from Cordura/foam and allowing to easily dress up your fiber seat...
Oeillet de fixation de harnais
3,82  TTC
A visser au pas de 7/16
Plaque à souder  pas de 7/16
2,20  TTC
soldering plate in pitch of 7/16
Siège baquet FIA ATECH OFFROAD nu
460,85  TTC
available the 05/04/2023
Fiberglass gelcoat shell naked. Perfect for autocross/ crosscar, this Atech Offroad seat is perfect for water washing. Preformed shell for a better...
Siège baquet FIA GP RACE S5
528,99  TTC
available the 15/04/2023
Fiberglass seat shell, new manufacturing system to offer an unbeatable weight with greater strength, reinforced and non-slip sidewalls. Lower injected...
Siège baquet FIA ultra léger GP RACE R7 à oreilles
796,95  TTC From
available the 15/04/2023
Fiberglass shell 100% built in Spain with last generation of resins for a weight of 5,5 kg(shell naked) Skaï version and tissu version, white...
Siège baquet fibre GP RACE R3 4,9 kg FIA
449,30  TTC
available the 15/04/2023
The revolution: a bucket seat less than 5 kg, with an affordable price! Developped in relationship with GP Race, this new R3 is sold in exclusivity at...
Siège baquet Mirco GT Skaï homologué FIA
359,70  TTC
available the 24/04/2023
MIRCO leather, FIA approved bucket seat. The best value leather FIA bucket seat. Polyester structure, black waxed back with reinforcements. Lateral...
761,15  TTC From
available the 15/04/2023
FIA CORBEAU SPRINT leather bucket seat..
Supports de sièges FIA
40,32  TTC
Universal FIA seat brackets, steel 3mm, the pair..
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